The History of South Orange Lodge #1154

On May 20th, 1909, inside our South Orange Village Hall, The South Orange Lodge was instituted as Subordinate Lodge #1154 of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. District Deputy & Grand Exalted Ruler Edmund G. Statler of Paterson Lodge officiated under dispensation from R.L. Holland, Grand Exalted Ruler. Twenty seven men and two emits represented the chartered members installation. Fred Ardrey was first to be installed as the Exalted Ruler along with first Secretary William H. Van Iderstein.

By the end of the first year, South Orange boasted a total of 48 members. Within five years our lodge had more then doubled to 100 members. The highest mark in membership came in April, 1932 when there was a total of 632 members on the roster. Presently our lodge is home to 215 members, both men and women.

Initial meetings were held in the Masonic Temple, Fred Ardrey Funeral Home, The Junior Order Hall, The Knights of Columbus Auditorium and Meyers Hall. After many attempts, South Orange Lodge #1154 finally purchased its first home in June, 1916 located at 71 Second Street and later moved to the present location at 220 Prospect Street.

2020 - 2021 Lodge Officers

Exalted Ruler

Esteemed Leading Knight

Esteemed Loyal Knight

Esteemed Lecturing Knight



Inner Guard





Jerry O'Connell

John Grew

Scott Fleisch

Jeff Bryant

James Joyce

Alishia Taiping

Jessica Tuck

John Ramsburg

Bob Donnelly

Ron Housley

Annemarie Conte

Bill Ehlers

Jim Walsh

Allen Pierce

Michael G. Leonard